About SfN Ottawa
SfN Ottawa

The Society for Neuroscience Ottawa Chapter is a collection of neuroscience researchers and students alike—encompassing the two universities and the various research hospitals and research facilities in the National Capital. The Chapter facilitates collaborations, information transfer and accessibility to resources. As a sector of the Society for Neuroscience—an internationally renowned organization—we represent the Neuroscience research that takes place in the city, and the various ways to project this information to the public. As such the Chapter has three main objectives.

  • A gathering of researchers and students to form a consortium of Neuroscience (Psychology/Science) with passive information transfer at all levels of education. This information transfer would be facilitated through collaborations between researchers of like interest, the exchange of students for an assortment of projects and an open forum for all parties.
  • A reciprocity of student research, sharing information on a regular basis and reinforcing the information via journal clubs, student workshops and mock lectures among peers. The primary objective is to take the information we learn on an abstract level and transform it into everyday use.
  • Advocacy of Neuroscience to the future generations at both the elementary and high school level. Increasing the awareness of Neuroscience (eg. Brain Awareness Week) and implementing a keen sense of the field at a younger age will ensure that we increase the first year enrollment into Neuroscience. The primary focus at this point is to provide a strong family of Neuroscience in Ottawa, thus claiming a reputation for Neuroscience right here in our city.
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