The 2017 Ottawa Brain Bee

The 2017 Ottawa Brain Bee was held Saturday April 29!

Our winner, Nathan Biniam, a grade 10 student from Colonel By High School, will be going on to represent Ottawa at the Canadian National Competition. Nathan has also won a paid internship in a Neuroscience research lab! Congratulations Nathan!

Melisa Eraslan, also from Colonely By high school, took Second Place, followed closely by Ruth Rodriguez from Holy Trinity high school. We'd like to thank all our participants and volunteers for helping us put on a great event and we look forward to working with our students again in the fall, as we start prepping for next year's Brain Bee!

(2017 Event pictures will be posted soon!)

What is the Brain Bee?

The Brain Bee is a knowledge & trivia competition about the brain and neuroscience for high school students. Participants receive free study material and prizes are awarded to the top participants. The student placing first in the Ottawa Brain Bee wins a PAID internship in a Neuroscience research lab at Carleton University, AND represents Ottawa at the CIHR Canadian National Brain Bee at McMaster University. The winner of the National competition wins a cash prize, and internship, and an expense-paid trip for two to compete in the International Brain Bee.

Competition is strong and there are currently 16 regional events in Canada that feed into the National competition, with 24 countries sending their winner to the International Brain Bee. To have the best chance at succeeding nationally, participants have to start studying and training well in advance. The strongest National competitors have historically from cities with Brain Bee clubs so that the students can support each other in learning the material and practicing for the event.

All training materials are freely available online, and you can find a suggested study guide on our study resources page which will be used by the clubs for group study.

How do I prepare for the Ottawa Brain Bee?

In the 2016/2017 season we hosted two after-school "Neuro Clubs" that helped students learn about the brain, prepare for the Brain Bee, and get involved in brain-health related community activities. Neuro Clubs were held at the following Schools, and we hope to have them running again in the fall of 2017:

    Mother Teresa High School, (440 Longfields Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 4T1) Teacher Sponsor: email hidden; JavaScript is required
    All Saints High School (5115 Kanata Ave, Kanata, ON K2K 3K5), Teacher sponsor: email hidden; JavaScript is required
(If you would like to host a Neuro Club at your school, please CONTACT US at email hidden; JavaScript is required)

We also ran Brain Bee Prep Sessions at Carleton University, every other Saturday, in the Science Student's Success Center (SSSC) From January through to the end of March.

For the first 4 weeks of April each year, Carleton Neuroscience students host Brain Bee Intensive Review Sessions, EVERY Saturday from 1-4pm in the SSSC. These 3 hour sessions help highlight and reinforce important learning, and give students a chance to partake in practice quizzes and mock patient interviews.

Check back here in December as we will be posting a signup form for the 2018 sessions before the end of the year:

Attending Brain Bee prep sessions or neuro clubs is a great experience for high school students, whether or not they choose to participate in the Brain Bee. Our neuro clubs and prep sessions are a great way to learn about the brain, mental health and the latest in neuroscience research. You will have an opportunity to interact with graduate students who can provide advice and support on applying for university and choosing programs. Our Brain Bee participants that go on to do an undergraduate degree in neuroscience or psychology have a real advantage in their first and second year university courses. Of course, winners get a great addition to their CVs, and invaluable experience in a research lab!

Questions? Contact us at: email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information.

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