Carleton Neuroscience Society for Undergraduate Students
Neuroscience 2012

Welcome to the Carleton Neuroscience Society (CNS) for Undergraduate Students, the undergraduate division of the Society for Neuroscience, Ottawa Chapter. The objective of this organization is to promote awareness and a sense of place in the Carleton community for those who are interested in neuroscience. The CNS is committed to creating and participating in events that promote education and the development of comradery for all students interested in the field of neuroscience. We will work towards creating networks between students, faculty and those in research positions, both within the University and in the local Ottawa community. We will act as a valuable support network for our members both academically and sociably. We hope to promote neuroscience study and research as a distinct field of research and department within the Carleton community.

The main goals of the Neuroscience Society are:

  • To promote the study and research within the field of neuroscience
  • To create an academic and social network for students interested in this field of study
  • To inform other students within the community on the importance of neuroscience research
  • To help our members to expand their knowledge and understanding of neuroscience research
Information for Undergrads

We'll be adding more to this site as the term progresses. Visit the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University, or feel free to look around:

Next Undergraduate Events

There are no upcoming undergraduate events.

Joining the Undergrad Division

If you are an undergrad and interested in joining the undergrad division of the Ottawa Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, or have any questions regarding the society, please contact any of our undergrad coordinators listed on our coordinators page.

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